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If you are anything like me, there are moments when you probably find yourself lost in the “black hole” that the internet can be some times. I often -much more than I would really like- realize it’s been an hour or more since I had any contact with the real world but I really can’t seem to “unplug”. Continue reading


Happy New Year!

January 2013

2013 is finally here! Today is the first day of a new year and with it comes a mix of all kinds of emotions. I have lots of plans and ideas for this year but mostly I hope I’m able to face new challenges and continue to learn all kinds of new things.

This is my “New Year present” to you. I hope you find this calendar useful, either for printing or as desktop wallpaper. The plan is to make one for each month. You can download both the English and Spanish versions here

Note: Why a beach scene in January? Because it is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere!!

Happy 2013!

2013 Calendar Template & Ideas


Somehow the New Year is almost here and over the last couple of months I’ve been developing an addiction to all kinds of calendars, agendas and so on that those of us mad about stationary products adore…en fin…

I wanted to show you my official 2013 Calendar. In my first post I mentioned that I was making one to give as a present this year and posted links to interesting resources on the topic. I made this one inspired by Angie Muldowney’s template for making CD case calendars. I thought working with Photoshop to create a new design from scratch would be difficult but I only had to create a background layer and then the text for the months goes in a different layer each. The idea is that you can use your own photos, drawings or whatever you can think of  -as long as it is a jpg file- to add as new layers to the original psd file.

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The Benefits of Completing a 365 Photo Project


Around this time last year I started looking for inspiration or challenges to improve my photography. I had taken classes, learned the basics and I felt it was time to do more but wasn’t sure exactly what. Browsing online I found lots of blogs and websites that mentioned the 365 Project. At first I thought “No way I could do this”, the idea of taking photos, choosing THE one, editing and uploading every day seemed like too much work and I felt that I would get tired easily.

Yet somehow, the more I read about it the more I felt like I should try it, no strings attached. I said well, if I can’t complete it that’s fine but at least I’d give it a try. I purchased a Pro Flickr account, searched for 365 groups (great for ideas and support from fellow participants) and I felt ready to begin my journey. Today, only around ten days away from completing my fisrt ever 365 (366 this year!) I can say I wasn’t wrong!  Continue reading

What the New Year brings…

2013 Calendar

So, here I am writing this very first post not knowing very well how it will turn out. For a long time I’ve been considering creating a space online that I could call my own. I have a blog where I exclusively post my writing and a Flickr account where I post my photography and though I am very happy with both, I feel they are somehow disconnected, like I needed to follow the dotted line that would connect both and lead to something new and here I am. I hope this blog grows into a space where I can share not only photography but stories and even tips. I have in mind the blogs that I follow or enjoy as a reader and I hope I am able to create a nice “homey” space to which it is always nice to return to.

The title might be misleading because it is not the New Year -yet.  The Holiday Season is in full swing and we’re all busy making plans or shopping, and thinking about what we want for the year ahead. I’ve always liked that feeling of a New Year as a fresh start and it is nice to be ready to turn energy into motion. So today I bring you a little something that I really hope you find useful. I couple of months ago I wanted to make a calendar using my photos, just as a test to see how it would turn out to give to family and friends as Christmas present. I found lots of ideas on the internet and even downloadable templates to use. I knew I wanted to keep it simple with just a clean layout and a photo and the best option   seemed the jewel case calendar, the one that fits into a cd case and is ideal to keep at your desk.  Continue reading