Secrets… (The life of Vivian Mayer)


Last year I found the work of Vivian Mayer and I instantly loved her and the mistery around her life. She was a nanny and a photographer but never showed her work to anyone. She was “discovered” by this man who bought a box of her negatives and undeveloped films. He was so amazed by this discovery that he just had to find out more about her and show her work to the world.

I think it is very interesting to find people like Vivian, who do what they like just for themselves, without a need for attention and/or “likes”. I’m not sure she’d be so happy with this intrusion into this aspect of her life -that she kept so private-, but at least we get to enjoy her work and maybe learn to not to be fooled by instant celebrity and media hype.

Finding Vivian Mayer – Official Movie Trailer


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