2013 Calendar Template & Ideas


Somehow the New Year is almost here and over the last couple of months I’ve been developing an addiction to all kinds of calendars, agendas and so on that those of us mad about stationary products adore…en fin…

I wanted to show you my official 2013 Calendar. In my first post I mentioned that I was making one to give as a present this year and posted links to interesting resources on the topic. I made this one inspired by Angie Muldowney’s template for making CD case calendars. I thought working with Photoshop to create a new design from scratch would be difficult but I only had to create a background layer and then the text for the months goes in a different layer each. The idea is that you can use your own photos, drawings or whatever you can think of  -as long as it is a jpg file- to add as new layers to the original psd file.

The file is designed specifically for the CD case calendar but you can bind the pages as you like and even print them in a bigger size if you want to hang them.  You can see how they turned out in the photo above. I include two different files one in English and one in Spanish. I hope you find them useful and if you create your own, please please please show me what you make!

This is the one I made but I’m sure you will come up with other ideas!

                  Marzo                      Julio

You can download the template here


2 thoughts on “2013 Calendar Template & Ideas

  1. Hi.. This is looks nice. But I cannot download the template as it’s marked as private. Can you please upload this somewhere else?

    • Hi! Thank you for letting me know. Apparently I did something wrong when working with the files in my folder. It should be fine now. Let me know if you use the template. Happy New Year!

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