What the New Year brings…

2013 Calendar

So, here I am writing this very first post not knowing very well how it will turn out. For a long time I’ve been considering creating a space online that I could call my own. I have a blog where I exclusively post my writing and a Flickr account where I post my photography and though I am very happy with both, I feel they are somehow disconnected, like I needed to follow the dotted line that would connect both and lead to something new and here I am. I hope this blog grows into a space where I can share not only photography but stories and even tips. I have in mind the blogs that I follow or enjoy as a reader and I hope I am able to create a nice “homey” space to which it is always nice to return to.

The title might be misleading because it is not the New Year -yet.  The Holiday Season is in full swing and we’re all busy making plans or shopping, and thinking about what we want for the year ahead. I’ve always liked that feeling of a New Year as a fresh start and it is nice to be ready to turn energy into motion. So today I bring you a little something that I really hope you find useful. I couple of months ago I wanted to make a calendar using my photos, just as a test to see how it would turn out to give to family and friends as Christmas present. I found lots of ideas on the internet and even downloadable templates to use. I knew I wanted to keep it simple with just a clean layout and a photo and the best option   seemed the jewel case calendar, the one that fits into a cd case and is ideal to keep at your desk. 

The first template I found was created by Angie Muldowney and she was sooo kind to offer it as a freebie for download as long as it is for personal use. Angie is an amazing graphic designer and photographer from the UK and her blog is full of beautiful images, tutorials and Photoshop tips. She also included easy to follow instructions even for those of us who are not Photoshop experts. I made my calendar using her template and I loved it! You can find it here and you can see how mine looks here!

Then I started to look for options because I needed a Spanish version as well and I couldn’t find anything interesting. I thought “hmm maybe I could design one myself, How hard could that be?” I guess for a non designer a bit tricky so there I went for “recipes” and found a very detailed step by step. This was only for creating the layout but I thought with a little bit of knowledge about Photoshop layers I could make it work for a photo calendar. If you feel adventurous and want to create your own, take a look at this tutorial by Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess.

In the next few days I’ll show you the one I made from scratch. I’m getting my prints this week so I’ll post a photo or two and tell you a bit more about creating the template. Stay tuned!

Do you usually make calendars yourself or buy them? Do you give them as presents?


3 thoughts on “What the New Year brings…

  1. Glad you found my post helpful! I will say that I have done a LOT of calendar work this year and one helpful thing I can add is that it is far easier to take the time to create 7 “months”, each one 1-31 days and each starting on a different day of the week. That way you need only pick the right “start day” for each month (and you will be able to duplicate them as needed for the year you are working on) and delete the extra days as required. Does that make sense?
    I tend to now use a Mac only program called Intaglio to create my calendars as I find it easier to use than Photoshop for this kind of work. You might like to look at the posts here http://scrappystickyinkymess.wordpress.com/calendar-making-posts/ as some of them might help you with ideas. The calendar-at-the-bottom of a full A4/US letter page might work very easily for your photo calendar! I may have to make a Spanish version now you’ve mentioned it! I thought about it a couple months back then didn’t do it.

    Have fun with it – it really is a lot less hassle than you might think. 🙂

    Mary Anne

    • Hi Mary Anne! Thank you so much for your comment. I love your blog. You are a DIY Calendar Diva! I really liked some of yours and I’m inspired to try new designs. The “7 month recipe” makes a lot of sense and yes, I think making the calendars in another language is a great idea for your readers who may want to give them as presents to family or friends.

      • Could you email me? I’d like to send you a PDF of the Spanish version to look at – I’m a little concerned that although in Spanish the day/month abbreviations are not capitalized, the font I used doesn’t HAVE lower case for some letters, it’s just a smaller version of the upper case letter! I’m just not sure how much that will matter to a spanish speaker and would love you to have a look. I would email YOU but I can’t find an email anywhere 🙂
        Mine is on my About Me page.



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